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GUI-based HighView framework

GUI-based HighView adopts a comprehensive image fusion workflow which includes three steps - band combination, pan-sharpening, and assessment. To operationalise them, HighView contains a series of analytical modules (Figures 1 and 2).

  • Band combination: Prepares low-resolution natural or false colour composites, which can be used to compare with pan-sharpened results;
  • Pan-sharpening: Forms the core of our image fusion program. HighView's single step pan-sharpening incorporates four efficient optimisation methods, and a number of spatial and spectral enhancement options; and
  • Assessment: Includes both visual and quantitative appraisals. Three convenient tools are provided for facilitating quantitative assessments.
Image fusion framework
Figure 1: Framework of image fusion software HighView.
HighView menus
Figure 2: GUI-based HighView menus (Version 2.5.0).
GUI-based HighView reads 8- or 16-bit generic image matrices (raw raster data), including ENVI's *.img/*.hdr format and Idrisi32's *.rst/*.rdc format. Images in GeoTIFF format from major image vendors are also supported.

The main window of HighView is a log file editor, displaying progress information of individual runs.


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