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1 January 2016:
DOS- and GUI-based Spectral Transformer for Landsat-8 imagery Version 2.0 released - Fast image band combinations, stretching and pan-sharpening tools for making beautiful and detail-rich 15m-resolution Landsat-8 imagery composites with 2 simple button clicks


2016 latest brochure
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World basemaps

15m-resolution Korean Peninsula imagery mosaics in 9 styles released.

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 1. Unique State-level imagery mosaics at 1m-resolution for 48 contiguous U.S. states (released July 2015)

  • One state, one imagery mosaic – extremely easy to use and manage in GIS mapping software
  • See the big picture and the detail
  • Consistent 1m-resolution under the popular WGS 84 Web Mercator projection
  • Latest and complete NAIP imagery series from 2014 & 2013 seasons
  • ~120 Terabytes of processed data in raw binary and ~5.5 Terabytes in compressed JPEG2000 format
  • Complementary to the existing small-sized county-level mosaics
  • Natural color (RGB), color infrared (CIR), or NDVI color mosaics available
  • ...

 2. Global Satellite Imagery - Earth Land Surface 2000 Ver. 3 from 2016 update

  • 14.25/15/30/60/90m-resolution, natural and/or false-colour
  • Complete six (6) data sets, multiple styles
  • Unique global mosaics at 30m-resolution (image size: 1,296,000 x 648,000 pixels; file size: 2.29 Terabytes in raw binary; format: optimised JPEG2000), ready-to-use and cost-effective

          - Global mosaic Style 1 (ocean area: uniform colour, e.g. black)
          - Global mosaic Style 2 (ocean area: bathymetric shaded relief)
          - Global mosaic Style 3 (land area: 3D texture; ocean area: shaded relief)

Anyone even with little or no geospatial experience is able to use our large-sized, GIS-ready global mosaics; it can be as easy as opening files! We show you how. 

3. Global Elevation Data - Upgraded

  • 90m-resolution near-global SRTM mosaic with gaps filled
  • Global elevation mosaic resampled at 90m-resolution (image size 432,000 X 216,000 pixels) and shaded-relief basemaps produced under a range of beautiful colour schemes and various hillshading settings. Each large file in JPEG2000 is easy to use with GIS.



DOS-based Utility Programs


2016 Plan: Spectral Transformer for the latest ESA Sentinel-2A imagery, standalone tools for rapidly making 10m-, 20m- and 60m-resolution, colourful imagery composites

January 2016: Spectral Transformer for Landsat-8 imagery Version 2.0 released, standalone tools for rapidly making 30m- and 15m-resolution, colourful Landsat-8 imagery composites

DOS-based HighView upgraded (version 3.1), a tool for ultimate image fusion of high-resolution satellite imagery, including Pléiades, WorldView-2, QuickBird, GeoEye-1 and IKONOS.

  • Advanced image pan-sharpening
  • Adaptive image stretching

Spectral Transformer Fc2Tc-CIR, a tool for converting popular colour infrared imagery (e.g., SPOT-5, ASTER) into eye-catching natural colour scenes, with six methods / colour templates included.

Spectral Transformer B742B321 a unique tool for easily making natural-colour, 14.25m medium-resolution global imagery from false-colour Landsat ETM+ bands 7/4/2 in NASA GeoCover series ...



GUI-based HighView

GUI-based advanced image fusion and pan-sharpening software HighView (version 2.5.3). HighView successfully merges low-resolution multispectral bands with high-resolution panchromatic band of recent satellite images (e.g., Pléiades, WorldView-2, QuickBird, GeoEye-1, IKONOS, KOMPSAT-2, FORMOSAT-2, SPOT-5 and ALOS).


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