Mapping our land more clearly and colourfully
for better analysis and visualisation

GeoSage is made up of a small, dynamic and collaborative team of image processing specialists and scientists with extensive experiences in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It offers advanced and cost-effective image analysis products and solutions for the growing geospatial industry as well as the general public.

GeoSage aims to be a leading developer in image fusion with the latest high-resolution and medium-resolution imagery. Currently GeoSage helps market some innovative software tools in this field from its international partners. It also develops a number of large-sized global and continent-wide imagery mosaics.

Since 2020, GeoSage has been partnering with (Sydney, Australia) to provide some advanced cloud-based geospatial processing services. New thematic maps and metrics are being created through deeply analysing high-resolution digital elevation data and imagery.




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